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Armine sheds her clothes, poses explicitly, then goes to work with her new vibrator.
Miss orgasm herself is ready to do what she does best. It will sure be a pleasure for eyes and ears.

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Vickie is an absolute angel with a gorgeous body. Her pretty face, sweetly shy-sounding voice and lovely, bouncy boobs are what AW is all about. Vickie -- you're perfect just the way you are and there's no need to change a thing. It's so cute to hear about her bra fetish, and even better to see her take it off. Those full, natural and perfectly formed boobs are a wonder to behold.

Buxom lass

This girl is so incredibly pretty. I love the sweetly serene smiles she gives the camera -- even the photos of just her gorgeous face are stunning. Her body is just amazing and those boobs are absolutely breathtaking. So many nice closeups of her wonderful nipples and her hands cradling them, highlighing just how soft they are. The full frontal shots make her body look so soft and cuddly.

Nadia A

Girls with glasses are always cute when they look like Nadia A Nadia has always been a huge, umm, attention-getter for me.

Meaty lips

Dark haired, quirky and seductive Rose undresses her slim, curvaceous body to reveal her stunning large, natural breasts and cute pert, round bum in this, her first solo shoot.
Her sexy alternative style and quirky personality makes Rose almost impossible to take your eyes off, and why would you want to! With her almost perfect curves and sweet, sensual smile she's a delight to watch as she undresses and moves from the lounge to the bathroom where there's a kinky surprise.
In fact this shoot is packed full of surprises and unexpected little moments from Rose that show off just how playfully sexy she can be!


Standing on tiptoes, Mihaela's smiles as we are delighted by her long legs in her colorful pantyhose and tight short jeans. Slowly pulling her top up, we see her girly bra covering her small breasts.
As Mihaela unbuttons her shorts, we get a glimpse of her matching panties before undressing completely and revealing her perfectly shaved vulva. Moving around the bed, Mihaela raises her legs up in the air and spreads them as wide as they can go while she uses her glasses to spread apart her lips, providing a splendid look at her vulva. Swinging in a rope hammock, Mihaela's erect nipples get pressed against the fabric as she uses her belt to rub her vulva and arouse herself.


Age: 19
Height: 169
City: Melbourne
Lara seems to be a natural actress. I like her light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek, commentary as she talks to us without appearing to pose for us. Her patients must feel they are going to have a Good Day when Lara walks into their rooms.


Age: 21
Height: 172
City: Melbourne

Marnie is very beautiful indeed : wonderful legs and breasts, and a pretty face, even with only three hours of sleep.
If Hitchcock would have known this gorgeous model, Tippi Hedren wouldn't have had a chance at all
Marnie is luscious indeed!

Lesbian Foot Play and Toe Sucking

Thais has found the perfect still life model in Bobbie as she draws and sketches her every curve. Thais instructs her model to undress in various poses and degrees of nakedness and Bobbie is only too happy to oblige the artist.
Exploring her body with a pencil, Thais stops at Bobbie's pink nipples that she proceeds to pinch and slowly moves her lovely caresses down to Bobbie's full bush. The attraction between them as palpable as wet paint, they start kissing and teasing each other. Bobbie moves to sit on Thais' leg and slowly begins to grind, tribbing, before licking Thais' full dark bush. Exploring every part of each other, Thais put her toes into Bobbie's vagina before she fingers her to orgasm.


Kaitlin is back, and she exhibits her well in this shoot - rolling about, headstands, and even performing the splits on the bed-head. What is she smuggling underneath her top, anyway?